Seattle Teas 🍵

In progress (but not a secret 😄). Branding, social media, and web design & development.

Seattle Teas logo


Build a company’s online presence through effective branding and design. Channel ideas and vision from management.


Created brand guidelines, designed website wireframes and mockups, and am in the process of developing a WordPress theme.

Seattle Teas is a local company specializing in fine teas from all over the world. I joined their small team as the lead designer and developer.

Since I joined at its inception, I was involved in creating all of the branding materials. We worked through three iterations of logos, colors, and fonts, until I was able to balance modernity with class in the final versions.

While the rest of the team worked on procuring product and developing the business, I created wireframes and low‐fidelity mockups. Upon approval, I began creating high‐fidelity mockups and assessing e‐commerce implementation prospects. We finally settled on using WordPress and WooCommerce as the web platform.

What is 玉露 (gyokuro)?

A fully‐fledged e‐commerce WordPress theme.

Seattle Teas sells teas of the highest quality, which is why I named their WordPress theme “Gyokuro,” after a high quality Japanese shaded green tea.

Gyokuro theme homepage
Current development progress can be seen on GitHub.


Create a responsive, high‐class, modern WordPress theme with e‐commerce support.


A fully‐fledged WordPress theme is almost completed, with release scheduled for December 2019.

I have received permission to publish and redistribute the WordPress theme as my own.

Want to see more?

You can see current development progress at the Gyokuro GitHub repository.